palm ish looking tree green and purple ish leaves

by Sarah

This 2' 4" tall palmish looking tree is in an 8" pot. It seems to be growing taller since I first acquired it.

I need to re-pot the plant since my dirt has a funky yellow fungi growing in it.

I also got a new plant basket and it has two just like it but smaller. The leaves are long and a green outlined with purpleish pink and white. The stem is a brownish green and it is kind of scaley but not flaky to the touch.

Also I would like to know if it is ok to pot with a mother in law tongue.


Hi Sarah, this is Draceana, which is commonly grown as an office plant because it's tough as nails. The only problem is this trend of getting taller and taller, until it's just some spindly trunks with the leaves on top.

There are several different kinds, most with green leaves, but this one with the pink and white stripes is called Draceana marginata 'Tricolor'.

The hardest part about growing Draceana is that it's almost impossible to give them enough light, due to this height issue, but otherwise they're low maintenance.

If you're brave, you can take cuttings off the top, which root easily and then you don't have the long stem.

I don't see any problem with potting the two kinds of plants together; they require pretty much the same kind of care and are both drought tolerant. Just be careful not to overwater when they're potted together, because Sanseveria is not happy with too much moisture.
Hope this helps,

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