painted succulents

Will spray painting succulents for my wedding kill them?

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Some of the risk of spray painting succulents is that the propellent used in some types of paint is extremely cold, and burns the plant while covering it with paint.

Using anything other than a water based paint will most likely kill the plant.

Putting the paint on too thickly will clog up all the pores of the plant, which will smother it.

It also depends on the type of plant. I've painted Sempervivum using acrylic craft paint, (find these at the Dollar Store or craft store) using a brush, which eliminates the coldness of the spray bomb.

You can also get a spray bottle such as for window cleaner and use that to spray your diluted paint in it.

Experiment with some succulents that you don't care about first - don't try any new techniques on the actual plants you'll be using for your big day.

Good luck with this, and have fun!

Have you seen the Succulent Wedding Gallery for some great examples of painted wedding succulents?

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