Paddle plant. Kalanchoe lucaie or thyrsiflora?

by Lynda Shoup
(Summerville SC)

I’ve read conflicting comments about paddle plants, I live in zone 8b/9a and have read in some places that paddle plants can stay outside as low as 30 degrees? Is this true? I feel like it was so much happier outside even though it’s in a sunny south facing window and under grow lights. I recently repotted it into a better draining pot and I’m hoping he improves as he has some droopy leaves and is pale in color.

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Nov 21, 2021
Native Habitat
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Where these plants originate, the climate is pretty much the same year round - none of the fluctuating temperatures and light levels that we experience in the northern hemisphere.

However, nothing we do can match what they would experience there - from temperature to light level, no matter what we do.

This is one reason I suggest letting these plants go dormant in the winter months.

See the Winterizing Succulents e-Book for more.

What I might do in your situation (next year, not now) is try to have several plants that could be split up into different scenarios; one inside in your conditions you've outlined above, one let to go dormant (no water, or very little) and another one outside to see if it will survive.

Note; if your climate is very damp, or you get a lot of rain during the winter months, don't try this as these plants hate to be wet.

PS: I don't recommend repotting any time except just prior to a growth spurt. This would be spring in most areas, not the fall.

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