Pacific Tree Frog

Pseudacris regilla

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Well hidden and secretive, the Pacific Tree Frogs in my xeric garden are fun to try and find.

Pacific Tree Frogs

Habitually, they frequently hang out in my hand pump on the rain barrel, and you can see by the look on their faces that they're totally disgusted when you don't see them and pump some water, washing them out into the watering can.

Well hidden on the top of Glory Be's door...

They are well hidden in some cases, not so much in others.  They come in various shades of brown with darker markings, or in a bright green. 

They seem to change color over weeks or sometimes more quickly. 

I know this because they are so territorial, staying in the same spot either singly or in a couple for a long time.

The cool dampness around the metal of the hand pump attracts Pacific Tree Frogs

They hide under fabric or plastic, or a rusty tin pot, where they're out of the sun. 

An old rug over the handrail of the porch attracts them, where they'll be well hidden, until night falls.  Then they sneak out and do a bit of hunting - mostly flies and moths.

They will snuggle up to a pop bottle, which maintains a bit of dampness too.  Although they don't live in a pond, they do like to keep moist.  Their skin, when you touch it, is cool and damp.

Tree Frog Pictures

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