our unnamed tree plant

by Michelle

Multiple stems with teardrop shaped leaves that are green with a little purple/brown color in them.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Michelle, this is one of the most common succulent plants that many people start their collections with. It's the Jade Plant, which is known botanically as Crassula ovata. You can see more about Crassula here.

This particular one seems to be suffering from a lack of light - I base this on the fact that the internodes, or spaces between the leaves are so long.

These plants originate in extremely warm and bright places, and they are drought tolerant, able to go a long time between waterings.

I would move it to somewhere with more light, such as a south or west facing window, or even outside for the summer. In the fall, move it back indoors, checking for hitch hikers, and put it under a grow light to give it 12 hours of daylight.

It's important to gradually adapt the plant to more sunlight so they don't get sunburned. Fluorescent light isn't an issue.

Pruning these plants makes them more bushy, and less top heavy if that's a problem.

Happy Succulent Growing!

See more about succulent care and pruning here.

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