Orostachsys Hrybrid Not Happy in the Land of Oz

by Jennifer

Very Unhappy Plant

Very Unhappy Plant

This used to be the healthiest Gnome Dome plant as part of my succulent family.

I brought the herd of them inside as usual when it started getting colder (zone 6b) and now it looks horrendous. It was root bound so I repotted it from the nursery plastic pot into the terra cotta pot shown here, used a succulent mix and water with filtered water I leave out overnight. I see the mineral ring forming around the rim of the pot.

Most of my succulents are on grow stands with lights. This one is next to a grow stand under a lamp. I have approx two hundred succulents so I thought I had an inkling but I have obviously gone horribly wrong with this poor plant. Should not have repotted? Is it a goner? What did I or did not do?

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Jan 07, 2018
They are Hardy
by: Jacki

Hardy succulents need to stay outside. There is no way of making them happy indoors. I don't know if this one will recover, it may be too far gone.

In Zone 6b, they should be fine outdoors, as you may only get the rare frost overnight. These plants are all incredibly tough, so be cruel to be kind.

They are also monocarpic, so once they finish the flowering cycle, that rosette will die. These all look like flower stalks, so collect the seeds and try again. More on saving your own succulent seeds.

See this page for more on Orostachys.

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