New house - What is the plant

by Kirsty Doyle

It has long stems about 3 or 4 cms in diameter. It looks dry at the bottom. Heads are between 4 or 6 inches in diameter.

Don't really know what to do with it. It's quite ugly really. Can I cut it back?

Hi Kirsty, this is one of the Aeonium, which are fool proof and drought tolerant succulents.

They have a bit of an odd characteristic of going dormant in really hot temperatures, and that is a good time to stop watering them for a bit.

To rejuvenate this plant, simply behead it, and leave the stem once you cut the top off. Root the top in a semi shaded spot, either in the ground or in a pot, don't water it for a week or two, to give it a chance to produce some roots.

The stem will most likely send out a bunch more small rosettes, which are guaranteed to look a lot nicer than the original.

You can see more about Aeonium here, and general succulent care.

Don't worry, you can't possibly make it look worse than it does; be brave!

Best of luck,

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