New addition to my succulent collection

by Trina
(Lakeland, FL)

Hello Jackie. I am reposting these pictures since my computer is not uploading the right way.

I love this succulent from Homedepot. I have kept it indoors but the leaves underneath are turning yellow and so I have to pull them off almost everyday. It now has offsprings but I just want to make sure I am caring for it the right way. Would you know the name of this succulent? It looks like an Echeveria elegans but I'm not sure. Your help is always appreciated.

Hi Trina, great choice - this is an Echeveria, most likely Echeveria glauca based on the shape of the leaves. Echeveria elegans tends to have thicker leaves, which you can see here.

One thing I notice about it however is that the inner ends of the leaves are really pale compared to the outer ends, which leads me to think that it's not getting anywhere near enough light.

These plants originate in extreme desert conditions with very bright light, which you need to provide so they can grow the way they're supposed to.

In low light conditions, you'll see this issue of the leaves gradually getting smaller and smaller, and the stem elongating as they reach for the light. The way the leaves are yellowing and falling off will tell you this too - see, your plant is communicating!

See more about how to grow Echeveria and grow lights, and the picture on this page shows how Echeveria glauca should look when it's happy to compare.

Hope this helps with growing this lovely plant successfully.

PS: you might want to think about 'beheading' your plant to keep it compact and beautiful; Find out more with the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book:

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