Mystical, Misunderstood and Mistaken

by Jacki

Andromischus cristata

Andromischus cristata

Fortunately, succulents as a whole are relatively easy to grow; however, there are cases where information is passed along that makes it really difficult to be successful with them.

Two ways that you can kill these plants is to keep them in the dark, and give them lots of water.

This fundamental difference between succulents and other plants commonly grown as houseplants has led to a lot of misinformation (and a lot of dead plants).

Once you learn about the ways these plants differ from others you'll find that it's much easier to keep them happy and healthy; but how do you separate fact from fiction?

If you have certain beliefs about these plants, that have been proven wrong as you get more experience with growing them, share it here by leaving a comment.

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