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dieffenetly a dieffenbachia...
by: Emilie

Hi, I have had a diffenbachia for years and actually, it's from vegetative propagation from my mom's who's had hers since 1974 which was a gift from a co worker who'd had his since I don't know when... but at least ten years!

Anyway, here are some of the typical behaviors of my dieffenbachia: it flowers in the summer usually in July, (I'm in southeastern Quebec, Canada) when temps and humidity in the house are at the highest but light is low because I keep the curtains closed to keep the sunlight out as a way to preserve energy spent by the air conditioning.

Daylength is at its highest too. It tends to lose its lower leaves as it grows and also to reach towards the window. I chop the head off and repot it every 3 years or so and either throw the root ball and leafless stem out or repot it with the propagated part of the plant.

It has circular beige lines wherever a leaf grew. I think it is sort of a scar from the leaf the detached itself. Sometimes, it had nodules at the base of the stems, as if trying to grow roots even if this part is not is the soil.

I'm a heavy waterer. I usually do a deep watering every week, in the spring summer and fall but every two weeks in the winter. My plant seems happy with that, but it shows absolutely no sign of stress if I forget it. I water a lot in the summer. The flowers are calla lily like. Anyway, happy gardening !

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