My succulent is out of control

by Grace

Beautiful Hens and Chicks

Beautiful Hens and Chicks

Hi There,

I purchased this plant back in the spring and it was lovely and compact.Now it seems to be stretching or putting out shoots. I'd like help identifying it so I can figure out how to best treat it.

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Dec 17, 2019
Oh No!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Grace, I normally don't answer identification questions any more, but this one has so many things going on that I just have to address them!

First of all, this is a Sempervivum, or hardy hens and chicks. These are HARDY, which means they're tough enough to live outdoors in most zones. They do not do well, as you've found, inside your home.

This is for two reasons; one, it's too warm. They originate high up on mountaintops, where it's cool and bright. You know what I'm going to say now, right? The second thing is; It's not bright enough in your window for these guys to thrive.

So, as a temporary stopgap, I recommend that you put it in a window where it's out of the warmth, but where it's as bright as possible. Then in the spring, get it outside and leave it there.

This may or may not be successful, given the way this poor thing looks. Those long stems are flower stalks, which once they ripen, the rosette they come from dies. If there are any 'chicks' these will have the best chance of survival.

More here on Sempervivum and how to grow them.

Dec 17, 2019
Thanks Jacki
by: Grace

Wow, thanks so much for your response. I knew light was a big issue so I started using a grow light but it just wasn't enough. I bought this one on a whim without researching its needs. I've learned my lesson. Poor little guy has had a tough go.

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