My Aruba Flower

by cheryl
(chicago, il)

I was in Aruba this past Jan. 2012 and saw one unique flower. Upon returning home, I researched that the plant was a Stapelia Carrion. I ordered seeds and am ready to start life.

I would like to know what I need to start the seeds and be successful. I have a small greenhouse that I start all my veggies and flowers in.

My growing zone is 5. I do plan on bring the plant in as a houseplant during the winter.

Thank you.....

Cheryl Gray

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Cheryl - welcome to the wonderful world of propagating! Seed propagation is by its very nature, challenging. You can go to all the trouble of preparing the seed pods, putting special sterilized soil mix into flats, arranging some kind of lighting system, and a little heat mat, and still get nothing, if the flowers weren't pollinated, or the seeds are too old.

However, all supposing that the seeds will germinate, you really shouldn't have any problems. These are warm climate plants, so they won't require any stratification (cold period) and most likely will germinate quickly once they're seeded.

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