Miniature Moss Gardens

A Book Review

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Tuttle Publishing sent me a review copy of this book - and am I ever glad they did!  It's one of the most fascinating books on gardening I've read in a long time.

Miniature Moss Gardens - Create Your Own Japanese Container Gardens, a book review

The authors, Megumi Oshima and Hideshi Kimura obviously are just as addicted to finding cool ways of planting things as I am. 

With their background they also have a similarly obsessed way of looking at moss, tiny plants, and intriguing ways of displaying them.

Megumi Oshima gives workshops on kokedama and bonsai in her garden store in Tokyo, and Hideshi Kimura has created over 2000 tray gardens and other works in the last twenty years. 

With this much knowledge, all gathered in one place, you will be hard pressed to withstand the urge to make your own.

One of the more detailed descriptions they include in the book is about kokedama or moss balls. 

I've been intrigued with this unique way of planting little specimens in a ball of soil covered with moss ever since I first saw them, and vowed to start making my own.

Here's the exact detailed instructions I was looking for!

The types of moss to look for as well as how to gather it, the tools you'll need, and how to grow more is also one of the chapters. 

Detailed descriptions of the textures and growth habits of many kinds, as well as the preferred habitats to find them, and the conditions they like best are also included.

Wanting your own copy of this great book?  Click on the link or the image to buy it on Amazon;

Miniature Moss Gardens: Create Your Own Japanese Container Gardens (Bonsai, Kokedama, Terrariums & Dish Gardens)

So let your creativity loose and make your own masterpieces.  The supplies could be right outside your door.

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