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Mini Hypertufa Garden

Especially for the Fairies

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Fairy gardening is so much fun; making tiny vignettes and finding the perfect small scale plants is only part of it.

Why not combine hypertufa and fairy gardening and make a mini hypertufa garden to display in your miniature landscape?  It's a garden within a garden - what a fascinating concept.

Mini Hypertufa Garden for the fairies

Whenever you're making hypertufa, take the last little handful and make a bowl or pot that the fairies will enjoy.  You could make it in the shape of a tiny trough, plant some miniscule tiny plants in it, and maybe accent it with pebbles in the right scale.

This little pot is about three inches across, if that.  The amount of soil it holds is about a tablespoon, and it's got enough room for some of the best tiny Sedum and a few tiny cobweb hens and chicks.

Pebbles cover the bit of soil and hold everything down, while also maintaining the moisture level.

Displayed on an old speaker part and a tin can

Display it raised up so you can see it as here with a speaker part and a tin can to give it some height, or snuggle it among the plants in a miniature moss garden. 

Keep in mind if it's really hot you will need to give it a bit of water - even though hypertufa does hold some moisture, it will dry out quickly because of it's small size.

Fertilize occasionally...

Sprinkle with compost tea to keep those tiny plants happy and healthy.

A few months later...

Even in that tiny amount of soil, these wee plants put on some growth. 

I've also added a couple of teensy Sempervivum rosettes, with their sweet little cobwebs, and a few sprigs of Sedum dasyphyllum

My collection of the small species comes in handy at times like this.

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