Million legged crawling bug

by Kramer

The Bug or insect has many legs on both sides, and crawls across the walls, and ceiling. People call them million legged bugs around here. They are fast and vary in length from 1/2 inch to 3 inch from what I have seen lately.Can you please tell me what they are called, and how I should deal with them? Thank You.

Depending on the color and the number of legs, these could be millipedes (which literally means 'thousand legged', or centipedes (hundred legged) which are similar, with less legs - both move fast, and are scary because of their speed.

Generally, these will be found in compost piles, under logs and debris outside. If they're coming indoors, I don't know what that tells you. Their food source is decaying matter, and they will occasionally eat plant roots.

Here are some links to four pages on Dave's Garden Website with some information on some possibilities:




Scutigeridae - this one is your most likely culprit, because it has a common name of 'house centipede'.

Bet you never knew there would be so many choices!

Best of luck with your bug,

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