Michelle Aufmann of JM Succulents

and her Creative, Innovative Design Team

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Michelle Aufmann and her cohort Julia Flucht make the most amazing creations – inspiration indeed to those of us that are obsessed with succulents.

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Tell me something you feel is important about yourself:

I’m a small business owner with a passion for succulents! Not only do my clients support our business but help support low water living and the environment. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to create beautiful art; succulents have been a wonderful medium to explore my creative abilities.

What two words best describe you?

Particular and creative. I spend most of my day looking for new varieties of succulents and how to create with them. My wall art takes up to 3 weeks to finish, I’m very particular and my own worst critic. Choosing the right succulent, checking it’s leaves, making sure the overall design is cohesive are most important to my art work.

Gorgeous mixed planter by Michelle

What was your most important time in your gardening life; have you always been a gardener or was it an epiphany?

I always loved gardening but never had the time until my late 20’s.

Succulents and edible gardening have really made a difference in how I care for my outdoor space.

It’s always fun to see how succulents and cacti flower and amazing to me how easy they are to propagate.

What defining moments have there been in your life, and what changes did you make because of them?

I needed an easy garden that is little maintenance and low water; succulents fit the bill.

Succulent Wall Art

What is your favorite plant or flower?

Still searching, too many options.

What is your favorite memory related to gardening?

My mom making fresh salads, jams, and afternoon snacks from our garden. Now my children and I do the same at our home in San Diego. My children also have a succulent garden just for them to care for. These memories have been my most memorable and hopefully will continue on for future generations.

Where did you grow up, where do you live now?

I grew up on the East Coast and now live in San Diego, very different climates and overall foliage. Upstate New York has many wild raspberry bushes and lots of moisture for growing fruits and vegetables. Moving to the West Coast brought delicious avocados, citrus fruits and pomegranates to our table which my family loves.

Blooming succulents

Where would your ideal habitat be if you could live anywhere in the world?

Italy is a wonderful country top to bottom. California resembles some of the more northern areas of Italy, so I’m happy where my home is now but still love to travel when possible.

When is the best time of day for you? Do you find that you have the best ideas early in the morning, at midnight?

Most ideas start in the morning hours. I’m up early due to being a mom, so getting to work in the morning has become very therapeutic. I also get more time to build different structures and environments to hold our succulent wall art. The light in the morning is also ideal for photographing plants, since the dew is still present on the plants leaves…it’s perfect.

When do you like to write, garden, cook, take photographs?

I usually sketch my client’s ideas for wall art or garden designs on paper. Drawing has always been a large part of my thinking process, especially with plant design. I take pictures all day long with my phone, camera, or draw a quick sketch. Everyday objects can be very inspiring and fuel the fire of creative thinking.

Fanciful green buckets with lush succulents

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope our business reaches more people and attracts them to the idea of having succulent gardens and vertical wall art.

In 10 years?

Creating rooftop gardens for all homes and all price ranges.

Michelle Aufmann

Update February 2014: unfortunately, it looks as though this company is no longer in business.

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