Mainly stem with pairs of leaves about an inch apart

by MR

As per the title, really. Was given the plant today and was wanting to know what it was so I would then know how best to look after it.

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Dec 21, 2017
Prune it!
by: Jacki

Lisa, if it's starting to topple, prune the top off so it bushes out from lower down. Also give it more light.

See more about pruning succulents here.

Dec 21, 2017
by: Lisa

I have the Crassula/jade type succulant, very tall starting to fall over....I'm trying to figure out what kind of container to repot it, it will be by itself, any help

Mar 05, 2015
This one's easy...
by: Jacki

What you have is one of the most common of succulents. Even before succulents hit the mainstream, everyone has had a Jade Plant or two. They are supremely indifferent to bad conditions, and will survive some of the most horrible situations and recover easily once they get better light.

That's what's mainly wrong with yours. The leaves should be a little closer together, so that's an indication that it needs brighter light, and probably less water too.

Here's more; Crassula which is the genus that this plant belongs to. If you want to look it up online, look for Crassula ovata, which is this species.

See more about general succulent care so you know what the requirements for the healthiest plant are.

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