Mail Order Crassula

by aga

hi . 2 weeks ago It comes by post to my home small crassula argentea variegata , plant was posted without pot. plant arrived in one day in good condition.

I potted strait away intro small pot , I use sand based soil. some of the leaves got small black egdes on leaves. I keep my crassula near window, where is good light. I watered only once yesterday, let this crassula grow 2 weeks without water after potting.

my second problem was that 2 leaves grows from the bottom the stem,from the root level.. because those leaves was covered with top soil I removed them (by twisting it ) and now I'm worried that it will cause rot.

Hi Aga, it sounds like you've done everything right.

The black edges sound a bit worrying, but as long as you don't overwater (as in, keep it wet all the time) it shouldn't rot unless there is something wrong with it already. Without a picture of exactly what's going on there, I can't tell you any more about that. Dark red edges on the leaves are normal, black not so much.

The leaves that you took off will root and form new plants, if you still have them; just place them on the surface of the soil in the pot, and watch for the little pink roots to emerge. If you're worried about the fact that they were under soil level, I would say that most succulents, Crassula included, are pretty good at compartmentalizing that kind of damage, so it doesn't spread into rot.

Best of luck with your variegated Jade!

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