Lucky Bamboo!

Quick question...what is the difference between growing a Lucky Bamboo plant in water vs soil? I have an extra pot and would like to use it but I know most of these plants are in water...


Drought Smart Plants reply;

This is such a cute plant!

Usually, you get a clump of stems, obviously cut into lengths, and then some of them are sold in wiggly shapes which is caused by the stem reaching for the light, and then moved to a different position to make it reach again.

The real name of this is Draceana sanderiana, which isn't actually bamboo at all.

Apparently, it will grow for ages in water with rocks to hold the bottom of the stems steady, and it will root quite happily.

The water has to be changed periodically, as it will stagnate and smell awful if you don't.

Some people put them in fish tanks, where they help clean the water of impurities from the fish.

It's acceptable to also pot them into soil, using any well drained soilless potting soil.

These plants are given often to people recovering in hospital, as a housewarming gift, or for using to brighten up an office. Based on the Asian beliefs of Feng Shui, they attract good luck to the grower, and luckily, they're also easy to grow to keep that good luck flowing!

Even though these are lucky, that luck is apparently null and void if you buy one for yourself, which explains why they're given so often as gifts.

So, Good Luck with your Lucky Bamboo,

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