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low round succulent plant with pink flowers on on thin frail stalks

a round lowish succulent plant which grows in California and has feather-like stems with bright pink flowers at the tip

What a pretty plant - if no-one knows what this lovely plant is, I'll be surprised! And look what it's growing in - pure shattered gravel, yet it looks totally happy and healthy. Sometimes we over think where we're trying to grow succulents - this is the exact situation to prove how tough and resilient they are.

Hopefully someone will recognize your gorgeous plant, and make an identification in the comments.

Sorry I couldn't help,

Comments for low round succulent plant with pink flowers on on thin frail stalks

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Aug 16, 2012
by: Danielle

This is a Calandrinia, which grow in many warm places like California. They have the most gorgeous hot pink blooms. Here's more on Dave's Garden Website about Calandrinia grandiflora. Hope that helps!

Thanks, as always, Danielle - you're always saving me!
Jacki (the blushing Horticulturist!)

Feb 03, 2013
by: Ann

I have this in my yard. If it likes where it is it takes over but is easy to control. When it blooms it is so beautiful! Calandrinia spectabilis.

May 18, 2013
Name of succulent
by: Donna

I believe they are called in lay terms "rock purslane." I just bought one at Walmart and fell in love with it.

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