looks like a succulent (?)

by Mario
(Maine, USA)

please help me to identify my plant (succulent?). It has weird shape (I would say - palmate) leaves and the veins are light green on a bright green background. The plant is about 10 inches tall. I have had it about 5 months and I started with 1 inch piece I got from friend. His plant doesn't have any leafs and its build by 1-2 inches sections (like chain). Thank you.

As soon as I saw this I though, Senecio! Sure enough, I found this character; Senecio oxyriifolius subsp. tropaeolifolius - unfortunately, there is no common name, so you'll have to contort your tongue to get around that one.

I particularly like the bonsai one, that's very cool!

Happy succulent gardening!

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