looks like a jade plant

by david kohn
(jamaica plain, ma)

This plant looks like a jade plant, leaves fall off, have 'air roots' I remember there was some warning that said it was poison.

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Jul 31, 2010
I've never heard of this being poison...
by: Jacki

but then, generally I don't recommend eating any succulent plants.

This looks like Echeveria haagai tolimanensis in form and colour, perhaps a little drawn due to lack of light.

Easy to care for, only requiring a good drink once a month or so, and little to no fertilizer. Its main requirements are pruning when it gets too tall, and bright light and warm conditions.

Aug 01, 2010
Stranger than fiction !
by: Countrymouse.

VERY cool looking plant - it looks like it should be cast in a Star Wars movie or something.
I checked the link you provided Jacki and it does look like the Echeveria you mentioned although it's easy to see why it would be compared to a jade.

Aug 01, 2010
The echeveria mentioned
by: David Kohn

Thanks for all your help folks. the Echeveria grows up tall. This creature snakes around,never gets tall. So naturally I just don't know.

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