Looks just like red leaf lettuce...

by Christi
(Eugene, OR)

I wish I had a picture of this plant to share but I only saw it while visiting a friend in San Pedro, CA at night in poor lighting and didn't have a camera with flash but I'm hoping you can help! I can't find a picture of it online either, sorry.

It was just about the size and shape of a head of red lettuce.

The leaves were broad and relatively thick with curly edges, and from what I could tell it was greenish red, maybe a little purple, again just like a head of large leaf, red lettuce.

I would love to find this succulent (if it indeed is a succulent) for a gift. Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what it could be! I'm not from California and have little experience with succulents. Thanks!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Normally, I can't ID a plant from a description only without a picture, but this sounds suspiciously like some kind of Echeveria. There are many that are frilled, curled or otherwise unique, so that might be it. Have a look at these pages for some examples:

Echeveria A-L

Echeveria M-Z

Of course, this is only a small number of these incredible plants - for more see this site: Echeverias in Oz.

Good luck with your search, and please post back if you find it!

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