long thin leaves with thorns along them...stalk has round orange seed pods..look like mango flesh inside..and some round black seeds

by iva elliott
(bartow, fla usa)

this is the

this is the

its long slender "leaves" with thorns..solid green color..tall spike in center with orange seed pods..have a sort of sweet taste..didn't eat one! just a tiny lick...no idea what the blooms looked like...

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Aug 29, 2017
looks like Bromelia pinguin!
by: Juan

Bromelia pinguin is a species of bromeliad (Bromeliaceae family)! It's related to pineapple (Ananas comosus) - both are in the subfamily Bromelioideae.

Fruits of Bromelia pinguin are edible and are sometimes known as "piñuela", though it may be better to check to be absolutely sure that what you're about to eat is in fact piñuela! Looks a lot like it to me - the plant and fruit.

From wikipedia:

"This species is native to Central America, Mexico, the West Indies and northern South America. It is also reportedly naturalized in Florida. It is very common in Jamaica, where it is planted as a fence around pasture lands, on account of its prickly leaves."

Mar 05, 2017
Bunch of these in woods by my house
by: Curious

Wondering what they're called as well. Have a Grove of these plants in the woods they form a great barrier. I'm near ocala FL.

Feb 04, 2017
Spanish Bayonet
by: Cigid

I find this around Tampa. I've always called it Spanish Bayonet, but searching on the internet tells me I might be mistaken. I've eaten a couple of the fruits. They are very tasty but leave an aftertaste in your mouth.

Nov 23, 2016
Not Aloe
by: Jacki

Mario, it doesn't sound like yours are Aloe. For one thing, Aloe generally wouldn't grow in the shade. Make sure you know what they are before you try to eat them!

Nov 23, 2016
These are in my yard
by: Mario

I have about six of these plants growing in my backyard. I have always wondered what they were. I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere. I live in Central Florida, right on a very Grassy Lake. These plants are growing in a cluster under a bunch of small oak trees. I would love to know what they are and if I can eat or use the fruits for anything

Feb 08, 2015
by: Jacki

This looks to be a kind of Aloe, based on the description of the thorns on the leaves.

There are many different kinds, so this will involve some detective work on your part. You can see more on them here; Aloe.

I've never seen the fruit after the flower forms because my climate isn't warm enough for that. That will bear more investigation, both to really identify it, and to make sure they're edible! It's not advised to eat or even taste a plant part that you are not sure is safe for consumption.

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