Long stringy pathos

I have some pathos plants that are starting to look limp and stringy and the leaves are starting to curl.

I read that I should prune these plants regularly so they will stay thick and bushy but I am not sure how exactly to do this.

Also I was wondering what I could do to keep the leaves from curling. Is this from the weather changing and getting cooler? Or is it too much or not enough sun?

These plants used to be so beautiful and full and they have changed in the past couple weeks just like the weather.

I live in the desert in California. It is very dry here and will soon be very cold. What can I do to help my plants ? I am new at this and my plants are all about 6 months old.

Without pictures, it's hard to tell what's going on. I'm not familiar with pathos, but there are plants called Pothos, is this what you're referring to? These are jungle type plants, and resent really dry air, so this is most likely what's going on - mist them daily to add more moisture to the air. You can also grow them on a bed of pebbles in a tray - keep the tray filled with water - don't let the pots sit in the water, just let them sit on the pebbles which will keep the air around them more moist.

To prune them, choose a place just above a leaf. Cut that part off, and you can root the long piece that you cut off in a jar of water. They're easy to root this way. The plant will start to make new growth from hidden buds in each leaf axil. Try it, don't be scared! You can't damage the plant any more than it is already, if it's showing signs of stress.

Hope this helps,

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