Long Stem

by Robert



The plant has long stem and beefy leaves. I do not know what this plant is.......

Hi Robert, this could be one of several different plants - with the arrangement of the leaves, in pairs opposite each other all the way up the stem, I am leaning towards some kind of Crassula; these are the Jade Plant that you might be familiar with as well as many other commonly grown house plants.

Your plant seems to be struggling a little, maybe because it's being grown in the type of soil that's not recommended for succulent plants - any kind of potting soil that holds too much moisture and is suitable to plant ferns and other jungle type plants won't work for succulents.

They need to have good drainage - you're about halfway there with the kind of pot you have it in; I am a big fan of terracotta clay pots because they allow some air exchange between the outside atmosphere and the roots.

Generally, I recommend propagating plants that look like this - simply take cuttings off the top and root them in some well drained, sandy soil.

Hope that helps,

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Aug 17, 2018
Crassula Tetragona
by: Petey

I believe this is Crassula tetragona, also called a "Miniature Pine Tree"

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