long slender tender leaves, mottled on top, reddish underneath

by Sandy Reid
(Toccoa, GA)

This plant has long slender tender leaves, whitish mottling on top, reddish underneath. It has a bulb at base and is very prolific.

Hi Sandy, this little orchid is one of the most charming, and the toughest of all plants in my collection; it rarely needs water, due to the way the bulbs store moisture.

It's gone through some changes and is known by several names; Ledobouria socialis is the most recent one (I guess because it's sociable, as you've found).

Other names it goes by are Ledebouria violacea, and the common name of Leopard Squill, I'm thinking because of the spots on the leaves.

It's a great little plant to use as an accent with other succulents, because it requires the same kind of conditions, bright light, and will withstand a lot of drought.

You can see more about it here; Violet Squill.

Please use caution with it if you have cats, because they think it's grass and eat it and it will cause dire consequences.

Happy Horticulture!

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