Light green succulent.

by Cassie
(Indianapolis, IN)

I received this little plant as a favor at a wedding. Someone told me it is a type of succulent and I was curious what type. I want to be able to keep it alive. I took some pictures. Sorry they aren't the best. Thanks for any help!

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Sep 07, 2014
Echeveria of some kind...
by: Jacki

This little guy is an Echeveria of some kind - there are so many that it's almost impossible with some of them to tell them apart.

You can see more about how to grow them here.

One thing about your little plant is that it's seriously over potted - they don't like to have too much soil around them, as they have very small root balls.

The soil itself also looks wrong - they require good drainage, and a mineral based soil with lots of gravel, pumice or perlite in it so that it drains quickly. If you're intent on leaving it in the type of soil you have it it, please don't make the mistake of overwatering it.

Hope that helps to get you off to a good start.

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