Legacy Succulent

by Pauline
(Norfolk England)

Small chunky very old succulent passed from my grandmother (and possibly my great grandmother)to my father and now to me.

Goes red when the flowers come out.

The flowers are pink and in a cluster, very delicate and very pretty.

Seems to want to die when the flowers are finished, all disappears and then comes out in the Spring time.

My father kept it in the greenhouse winter and summer. perhaps it would keep going if it was brought inside?

Seems to love to live in a puddle of water!

Would love to know what it is and how it should be cared for. I have managed to divide it and give one to my sister who has been lucky with it and it is now flowering.

Many thanks

Pauline Dodd

Hi Pauline, this is one of my favorite Sedum species, one brought back from the Orient a long time ago when Japan first opened its doors to the west, and some intrepid plant explorers were invited in.

The botanical name is Sedum seiboldii, and the variegated form is equally as nice (I'm not sure which one you have, as the variegation only really shows if the plant is grown in full sun).

You can see more on the page dedicated to it here:
Sedum seiboldii variegatum.

The way you're growing it just increases my respect for these adaptable and resilient plants. I would never have thought that it would be happy in a saucer of water!

The reason it dies back is that it is incredibly hardy, and will withstand considerable cold.

This dormancy period will enhance its vigor; without being allowed to go dormant, it's possible to actually kill many hardy plants.

Once it has had the required rest, it is rejuvenated and goes through a growing phase, in the spring.

So, to answer your question, no it won't benefit from bringing it indoors.

If you're interested in propagating it some more, see these pages too:

Propagating Hardy Succulents by Division

Succulent Plant Propagation

Good luck with your Legacy Succulent,

Also see this page about Sedum and find out more about how to grow these interesting and hardy plants.

Wanting to learn more about Succulent Plant Propagation?

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Mar 03, 2012
another possibility for ID...
by: Anonymous

Sedum tetracinctum, which originally came from China, I was told, grows in red and green almost mini-rosettes . I have some growing in a container indoors. I'll upload a pic if I can. I love this plant, so pretty!

Drought Smart Plants says: Yes, please do upload a picture - start your own thread, then you can put up to four pics.

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