by Robert
(Houston, TX, U.S.A.)

Bought on eBay. Desc was Larger-Agave-unsure-of-name-Awsome-teeth-cactus-succulent-not-aloe.

Yup, that's an Agave alright. The dead giveaway is the wicked spines at the tip of each leaf, and the nasty armament all along the edges. Unfortunately, there is no way to positively identify a young plant as they haven't started showing their true characteristics.

Those are pretty distinctive teeth though, so it's possible you could narrow it down using that descriptor in a search. Look at these to see if it's similar;

Big Bend Century Plant

Cows Horn Agave

Whales Tongue Agave

Parrasana Agave

As there are so many, it's very difficult to pin them down, because not only do they appear different when mature than as juvenile plants, they also appear different when grown in other conditions.

These are long lived plants, hence the name, Century Plant, so you'll a lot of time to discover it's real identity as it reveals it's true nature.


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Jun 22, 2013
by: Robert

Will wait and see. Right now, betting on Cow's Horn Agave, Lechuguilla Verde because of the small teeth in between the larger ones along the edges.
Thanks for the images.

Yes, that was the closest - give it a year or two, and then see if it looks like it still.
I'll be waiting for an update!

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