large leaves

low growing with large 10cm round leaves, not as fleshy as a jade plant but as if the leaves of a jade plant have been flattened. i got it as a cutting from friends who don't know what it is either. in summer it goes outside and is very happy which makes the leaves turn into small dishes. now it is inside, the leaves have inverted and are curling back on themselves. it looks like they are drooping, but are still very firm to the touch.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
That's very interesting how the leaves roll over - from your description, before I saw the picture, I had imagined it going the other way, down the length of the leaf, not across it.

From the texture of the leaves, which are sort of dimpled, and their arrangement (opposite) which are characteristic, this looks like some species of Crassula, the same as the Jade plant. There are many different Crassula, so I would be willing to say that this is of that genus, but more than that I have to admit my ignorance.

This rolling characteristic is indicative of the damage that some plants get from exposure to natural gas or propane, so make sure that this isn't the cause.

That will give you some place to start, and the trait of the leaves rolling over - if natural - may just be the definitive characteristic. Let me know if you find out!

Happy Succulent Growing,

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