by Christine
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Could you please tell me what type of Kalanchoe this is. Thank you!

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Aug 21, 2017
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi - Lavender Scallops
by: Jacki

This is indeed a Kalanchoe - K. fedtschenkoi or Lavender Scallops. This one looks like it needs more light - they like it bright! Full sun outdoors, or in a bright sunny window inside, or better yet, a grow light especially in the winter.

If the light is bright enough, and your summer is hot, they will change color to a gorgeous purple tint. That's when you know that they're truly happy.

See more about Kalanchoe species here.

All Kalanchoe have some unique characteristics; a lot of them show the same kind of scalloping on the edges of the leaves, and they all seem to have incredible flowers of the dangly bell sort.

Aug 21, 2017
Great info
by: Christine

Thank you for the great info and quick reply!

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