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The club is now open for members - if you're wanting to take your garden displays to the next level, you can get exclusive advice - and access to me, a Certified Horticulturist.

Creative Collective

What exactly do you get for your subscription? 

A whole year of fun, with one mailing from me every week, with pages all about different aspects of growing succulents, tutorials on making interesting and unique planters - and no annoying ads! 

You'll get the opportunity to brag up your creations, ask questions, get answers and find out what that unknown succulent plant is.

You'll get tutorials and I'll even show you where to get the exact supplies needed to get the craft accomplished quickly.

Join the Creative Collective for camaraderie, feedback and inspiration.

  • Got problems with your plants?  This is the place to ask.
  • Wondering what to make out of a piece of junk?  Get some inspiration and advice on how exactly to create your own fabulous garden art.
  • Wanting to add handmade and beautiful containers to display your succulents in?  Here you go!
  • Ever wondered what kinds of tools you'll need for growing succulents from cuttings?
  • What the best kind of soil is for growing succulents, or in crafts like mosaics?
  • Wanting tutorials for making your own totally unique planters?  Check. Most of the tutorials will also give you a link to find the materials for making your project.
  • Wondering which plants are best for mosaics and other crafts? Check.
  • Want to get access to some of my e-books, FREE?  Check.
  • Need more detailed instructions, or help with a project?  Don't be afraid to ask in the form at the bottom of every page. Let me know what kinds of things float your boat and you need more information on - I'll do what I can to get that out in one of the later episodes.

The Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts - Creative Collective...

So what's the Creative Collective all about?

With your monthly subscription, you'll get one episode a week, (which will continue as long as you pay your subscription) for a full year.

Each weekly episode will explore some of our favorite gardening fun; crafts like hypertufa, twiggy trellises, making great displays for plants out of junk from the thrift store or junk pile, tutorials and how-tos for all of the above, and of course, more about the plants. 

Here's some examples of what's in store;

  • How to make Hypertufa - that's in week 30
  • All about Rustic Garden Signs - how to prepare and paint them, and what to put on them - you'll find out in week 28.
  • Making Hypertufa Hands Tutorial - week 40 - get the full tutorial that is included in the exclusive Succulent Crafts E-course
  • Interested in making your own Rustic Garden Signs?  Make sure you're here for week 28. 
  • Want to know what hardy succulent plants work best for planting into crafts?  We'll be discussing that in week 21.
  • You'll even get exclusive access to excerpts of my e-book, Succulent Plant Propagation.  You'll see that in week 26.There is lots more to come - stay tuned!
  • plus lots more...

Get creative, and have a full year of fun!

Look for each installment in your inbox - one a week, and get busy.  There are lots of ways to create your own garden art, planters and get started on your own lush Eden of happy healthy plants.

There's no obligation for filling this out - your opinions matter.

Give me some feedback - tell me your vision of this group:

If you just want to continue to receive notifications of new posts (or older ones that are relevant and updated) via the e-zine, nothing needs to change. 

There will never be a charge or cost to Xeria, the E-Zine, but you won't get any of this exclusive information without becoming a member of the club.

This is a weekly exclusive membership only resource - we'll be looking at all things succulent and rustic.  If this is you, join in the fun.  If you don't have your subscription yet, don't hesitate - go to the Join the Club page for 52 weeks of fun.

Because this is an exclusive membership, no pinning or social sharing is allowed. 

The tutorials and other pages are for members only. 

If you want your friends to join in, point them towards the Join the Club page and encourage them to get their own membership. There will be no advertising - although there may be offers especially for you.  Watch for them!