Dragons Blood Sedum

by Jean
(Jane Missouri )

Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood'

Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood'

It all started when my husband asked me to quit arranging the house.

With so much energy i asked what I should do and he being the man that he is suggested "Go pick rocks".

Hmm I can do that so i got the wheel barrel out and did just that.

I started a rock garden and as my rock garden progressed I needed something for the bank of my rock garden so April 7 2013 i planted stems of Dragons blood.

100 stems and two months later i couldn't believe how much they have grown and how beautiful these little creatures are. I had to plant more. Last week I planted 100 more and also 100 Golden sedum. Love my Sedum.

I got creative and mixed them up so that i would have a mix and match.

I have no idea which was what and enjoyed every minute placing these little jewels on the bank of my rock garden.

Now my rock garden is 2 years old.

I do work full time but my rock garden is my very most relaxing project. Oh I have not rearranged my furniture for two years now.

Thank you for your articles I get so many ideas from them. You were not kidding when you said you could get addicted. I'm hooked.

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Jun 22, 2013
Welcome to my addiction...
by: Jacki

Jean, I'm so glad to hear from a fellow sufferer! I would love to see pictures of your project - let me know if I can add some.

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Sedum Dragons Blood Garden

by Jean
(Jane Missouri )

Hello and Good morning Jacki,
I wrote to you several months ago about my project I started on a bank.

Here is my update. Hope these pictures go through. I planted the first batch of Sedum Dragons Blood April 7, 2013 and then I purchased the second batch of Dragons Blood and another kind called Sedum Improved Golden which was planted June 15, 2013.

I decided to mix them up and plant so i have no idea which is which. My bank is 9 & 1/2 feet long and yes I go out and hand pick the grass that is trying to take root. Not much to it and I seem to always find a surprise of more sedum popping up.

June 11, 2013 I planted seeds of creeping thyme and in another section hens and chicks where the tiny rocks and sand blotches are. And by the way these are very very tiny seeds. Pictures are blurry of the seeds coming up. Sure hope those are my babies and not weeds. Time will tell.

I just ordered moss rose thanks to your previous articles. Do you think August will be too late to plant the moss rose or should I just hang on to them till next April? I'll keep you posted on my progress. So happy to have found your post. Jean

Hi Jean, thanks so much for the update - it's starting to look really great. It takes a while for things to fill in and actually get established, but once they are, things start to really roll along. Then you can see which plants are best suited to your conditions, and get more of the same kinds to add to the collection. That takes a few years, because you never know which will outgrow their space, and which might not make it. It's constantly evolving over time.

Can't wait for your next update!

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