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Apr 26, 2013
Thank You!
by: Julie

Thank you so much for the advice! The top dressing isn't an organic mulch but I think it's some kind of inorganic material like lava rock but isn't porous like lava rock (came that way from the garden store, maybe so it looks nice).

The soil itself does look to be a cacti/succulent mix (no large aggregates but definitely sand mixed in). I'll repot her sans the top dressing, let her get settled in, and then give her some food. Hopefully that'll do the trick! Do you at all recommend products like Superthrive to prevent transplant shock?

Hi Julie, Superthrive won't hurt, but succulents generally don't require much help when you transplant them. Be ruthless, and if the roots are winding around the pot, it's best to cut them back or at least untangle them a bit.

They will recover and grow new ones quickly.

The pot you use should be only a bit bigger than the original; the risk is that the soil will hold too much moisture if the pot is too big, and cause root rot. Plus, the plant will grow to fill the space, and then it will be enormous, probably too big to go back to its place in your display.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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