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Is this going to flower?

by Ann
(Deal, SE England)

Hi Jacki. I have had this crassula perforata Thunb. for over five years and it has never flowered. I live in south east England and have just put all my succulents into a greenhouse. Is this going to flower and, if yes, can I use the flower stem to root new cuttings when the flowers finish, please?

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Nov 14, 2021
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Oh, definitely! That's going to be gorgeous when the buds open completely.

If you want to propagate the stem, best to do it now, not after the blooms finish, but try it! I've never grown this particular plant, but most Crassula root easily from single leaves, so that's what I would do. But the only way to know is to try it.

Let me know what you decide to do, and what happens!

Best of luck with it.

Nov 15, 2021
Thank you
by: Ann

Thanx for such a speedy reply, Jacki. I will indeed try it and and I'll post with the result. I'll also post when the flowers are fully open.

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