Is this a succulent

by Kady
(Concord, NH USA)

My dad brought this home from work, trying to figure out what it is. I pulled one leaves off to see if it would propagate. And then this little mushroom looking thing started growing from the leaf?!

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Sep 13, 2017
Yes, it's a succulent
by: Jacki

It's definitely a succulent, not sure what kind - but judging from the way it's stretching it's not getting enough light. Most succulents have to have bright light.

And, judging from the mushroom, you're overwatering it too - mushrooms need moisture, and if you have them, you've got damp soil. Pull the mushroom out, and dispose of it, and stop watering it too much.

This looks like an Echeveria, see more about growing this genus here.

Hope this helps.

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