Is this a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia?

by Ann Denton
(Algarve, Portugal)

Large upright rosette-style plant, pale green leaves tinged with pink at the top.

It has never flowered. It is now a little taller, the bottom leaves die and fall off and the stem gets longer.

I have owned this for about 18 months and would like to know how to propagate it. I have tried a leaf cutting with no success. I was told that it is a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia and that 'pups' will appear at the bottom of the plant for propagation. This has not yet happened.

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Nov 10, 2010
by: Jacki

Hi Ann, thanks for visiting all the way from Portugal - you must have a perfect climate for succulent plants where you are.

Your plant does indeed look like a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia - this page about a gorgeous succulent planter has a discussion about this plant which might help.

As for propagation, I think you'll have to be patient and in time hopefully it will make some pups. I've found that those plants that can only be propagated that way sometimes produce better when rootbound, and as this plant is in quite a large pot for the plants maybe try transplanting it to a smaller pot (or add lots more to the existing one to crowd it).

Nov 11, 2010
Could this be the same?
by: Blue

This forum post has some pictures of a similar plant which they say is Kalanchoe luciae.

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