In reply to white berry plant (White Baneberry)

by Farouk
(Sydney, Australia)

Deadly White Baneberry

Deadly White Baneberry

Hello Jacki !

This is in reply to a post from a little while ago for a plant that someone was asking about I have accidentally come across it, here is a youtube video link
I can't remember if you had much info on it at the time(can't seem to find the email you sent), have a look at plant number 8 in video at 24 seconds into video.

(info from vid)
HIGHLY POISONOUS/DEADLY - The Berries contain Cardiogenic toxins - that can cause heart attacks and death.

Please beware my fellow gardeners.

Thank you

Thanks for that, Farouk - I wouldn't recommend eating any berries that you don't know their identity, but sometimes it's hard to keep children from testing them.


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