In a Canadian Garden

by Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston

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This book, In a Canadian Garden, by Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston, with the excellent photography of Freeman Patterson is one of my all time favorite books. 

In a Canadian Garden by Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston

My copy is dog eared, and tattered.  I have it on hand constantly.  These two authors are actually among the heirs of two famous Canadian companies, and as such have been privy to many gardens that otherwise would be closed to the public.  

I really like Freeman Pattersons observations on the gardens in the book and the light bulb moment when he tells the funny story about being curled up under a bush waiting for the right light - my realization after this was that there is no wonder that my garden pictures are either too glaring or the shadows are too obvious.  

I've learned a lot from this book - the inspiration that I've gained is immense.  And to think, these gardens are all in Canada.  They show the wide variation in climate, vernacular and historical influences - in short, the gardens are just like the people of Canada; diverse, innovative and friendly.

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