Identification and value of this Cactus? Thank you!

by Erin
(Berkeley, CA)



Hi there - My grandfather bought this as a tiny little thing decades ago and planted it in his yard. I live here now and this thing has morphed into the attached photos.

It is at least 8-10 feet tall and really wide. It blooms gorgeous white flowers in really hot weather (attached also). Can you help me ID the cactus and let me know the value? We have to remove it (sadly) and am trying to find it a good home to either sell or donate.

Thanks so much

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May 23, 2020
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Although I'm not a cactus expert, this one seems to be the commonly named Organ Pipe Cactus, which it resembles. The botanical name is Stenocereus thurberi.

It is obviously growing in exactly the right conditions for it to look so happy. Such a shame that it's no longer growing in the right place and has to be relocated.

Are you aware that most Organ Pipe Cactus won't flower until they're 100 years old? That's another thing that makes me believe that it's got exactly the right conditions.

So, value. The value of any plant is what someone will pay for it. I'm sorry I can't be more precise than that, there is such a huge range.

I would talk to some local landscaping companies, especially those specializing in Xeriscaping and desert landscaping, to see if they would be more able to give you some idea of what someone would pay, and maybe act as a broker.

I hope you can find a good home for this gorgeous plant. If you decide just to donate it, ask at local botanical gardens if they would like it. They'll have the knowledge and know-how, and the equipment, to move it safely to its new home.

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