I urgently need help identifying my succulent

My succulent plant slightly resembles rosemary in its stem and "leaf" like properties. I honestly know nothing about succulent plants, but I really need help! In its entirety, the plant is about five inches tall and each leaf is around an inch, at its longest and about an eighth of an inch wide. Again I would REALLY appreciate the help! Attached are three pictures of the succulent.

Drought Smart Plants reply: I'm thinking that this is either a type of Mesembryanthemum or a Delosperma and the way you'll be able to tell is when it blooms. Mesembryanthemum has daisy like flowers, in pastel shades of pink, peach, salmon or white, and Delosperma has flowers in very bright yellow or pink tones.

Both of these plants go by the name of Ice Plant, which doesn't mean that they can withstand cold temperatures. Most of them are not frost hardy at all, the name is given to them because of the crystal like bubbles on the leaves of some species.

For care, bright, hot locations suit these plants best. They thrive in sandy dry conditions such as the 'hell strip' alongside the roadway, or on rocky banks anywhere. Thorough watering periodically, and pruning to shape is all they require.

Enjoy your drought loving plant!

See the pages here on Dave's Garden Website to help narrow it down:

Mesembryanthemum AKA Carpobrotus glaucescens

Delosperma cooperi

PS: I've just found out that these two plants are both being called Delosperma, which is not an unusual circumstance with the naming of plants - there is constant reshuffling of different plants back and forth.

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Dec 29, 2016
Miniature Pine Tree
by: Elizabeth

I'm sure this is most likely a Crassula Miniature Pine tree by the way it's growing.

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