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Hydrangeas infected

White spots on stems

White spots on stems

I live in NE Florida, zone 8b. Recently transferred 3 year old hydrangeas to new home. They were doing great, but I've noticed leaves dying fast, holes and spots appeared in leaves and a white growth on the stems. What is this? How do I get rid of it? I do not see any bugs on or under leaves or on plant.

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Aug 31, 2017
by: Jacki

This is two different problems, it looks like. The white fungus most likely was already on the plant (or in it) and when it was moved, and under stress, it emerged.

If possible, cut the stems with it on, and get rid of them in the garbage. I don't know enough about fungus to tell you what kind it is. Some only grows on dead wood, others on live - if the stems are dead, this would explain it.

The defoliation and damage to the leaves looks like something else entirely. If there is damp ground/leaves/litter underneath the plant, look for slugs or snails which will climb up at night to eat the leaves, and the damage looks like that. Put lava rock mulch or sharp gravel under the plant canopy.

Hope that helps with your Hydrangea - when happy, they are great shrubs!

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