Huge Black spider!!!

by Rose
(Perth, scotland)

I live in scotland so the spiders you get aren't really that big until this came along!!!

Would be great if you could tell me what type it is and if it's harmful

in the picture it's dead...

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Rose,

It's hard to believe the size difference that occurs when a spider is dead - they seem to shrink quite dramatically.

From all accounts, the spiders you would get in Scotland are all harmless - which isn't to say that they won't bite you, just that they are not considered venomous.

This poor creature probably thought your house looked like a nice snug abode for winter - this is the time of year that they'll be looking for a winter home, so making sure they don't get too comfortable will ensure that you don't get a shock.

This was most likely a wood spider, which although they reach quite a size, and appear extremely menacing, are really docile.

My philosophy is that there is plenty of room outdoors for them, they don't need to be in my house!

Keep a vigilant eye out for any other large spiders - take a picture before you kill it, please!


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