How to keep a jasmine plant

by Deniz

I have a jasmine plant outside but it never flowers. How can i look after it so that it flowers?

Hi Deniz, without knowing exactly which kind of jasmine plant you have I can't really tell you much.

There are some species that are outdoor plants such as Jasminum nudiflorum, which will bloom on old wood only, first thing in the spring. These will be yellow flowers, and not scented.

The Poets Jasmine, or Jasminum officinale, is the plant most people associate with the scent, and is not very hardy.

The Spanish Jasmine, J. grandiflorum will grow as a vine to 15 feet and blooms all summer in the right conditions. It needs something to climb on, to get the growth up high. The tops of the plant need full sun to encourage blooming. The old flowers dry up and stay on the plant, a distinguishing characteristic.

If you know which species you have, it's easier to give you advice on what to do to trigger the bloom.

Best of luck!

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Oct 23, 2012
by: Deniz

Hi Jacki, thanks for the quick reply. The label says summer flowering jasmine if that's any help!

This narrows it down a bit - at least you know it's not Jasminum nudiflorum, which is a spring blooming species. I would hazard a guess that it's either Jasminum grandiflorum, or J. officinale, as those are the most common types.

Oct 24, 2012
by: Deniz

Ive found the name finally, its jasminium polyanthum. I hope you can offer some advice as i would love to see it finally bloom. Thanks!

Oh perfect! That's great. You can see more about how to grow this plant here: Jasminum polyanthum, Winter Jasmine on Dave's Garden Website. Make sure to read all the comments about the plant below.

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