How Many Plants?

What's the best number of succulent plants
for a shallow dish?

Michelle asked how many plants would fit into a shallow dish. Here is her question:

I have a shallow clay pot that is 5.5 inches high and 12.5 inches wide. I have some 4inch succulents. How many should I plant in my pot?

How Many Plants...?

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Louise has some gorgeous succulent planters

My answer is here;

As you can see from the pictures, you can cram in a lot of succulents to any container, the more the better. If a full, lush look is what you're after, then you can put at least six or seven of the four inch plants.

If you mound the center of the soil in the pot, and add some rocks to make a higher area, then you can put even more.

Textures and varied heights

Succulents, on the whole, do not need a ton of soil; in fact, in many of my crafts they basically have a tiny root ball. That's it. Of course, they need a bit more watering to keep them plumped up, but they are quite happy.

Generally, their roots are fine and hair like, and they glean the moisture that falls on the surface of the soil, rather than delving down to the bottom of the pot. This means that they don't need deep soil to survive.

Beautiful arrangements

Another technique that you can use is to cut off the plants at the base of their stems, and place them really close together, not even planting them at all. They will root in on their own.

Hope this helps,

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