HELP with Pothos cuttings

Brown Pot

Brown Pot

I have two houseplants with issues, both with the same problem.

Both of these plants were from cuttings that were originally rooted in water. When the roots were substantial enough, I placed them in soil.

The cuttings in the red pot were put in soil for the first time about two weeks ago. They looked beautiful prior to me planting them. I have no idea what I did wrong!

The cuttings in the brown pot also started out as healthy cuttings rooted in water. Probably about 6 months ago I placed the roots in soil. The plant didn't die, but it also didn't thrive. It always just looked limp. After awhile I thought maybe the pot was too large, so after about 4 months I downsized the pot. I waited another couple of months, but there was still no improvement so I downsized the pot again. I repotted into this pot about 2 weeks ago, when I potted the cuttings in the red pot.

I don't think light or temperature are issues. The plant I've taken my cuttings from is on a table right next to the brown pot and it's gorgeous. The location of the red pot is exactly where the cuttings in water were thriving.

I've had successful cuttings in the past so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong this time!

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, I follow the 1hr rule when watering. If there's water in the saucer 1hr after watering, I dump it out. Both plants are in pots with drainage holes.

Thank you!

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Jul 26, 2021
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This is my main complaint with rooting cuttings in water. They look fine when they've rooted, but then they fail after you plant them in soil. Some of this is to do with the types of roots that they'll make in water, as opposed to the type in soil. They just can't adapt.

My recommendation is to put them on ignore for a while to see if they perk up on their own. Continually messing with them will mean their demise.

Next time, try using soil to root them, and put a cloche over them (this can be a jam jar, or a plastic bag over the whole thing, pot and all).

In some cases, you may have inadvertently succeeded because of the time of year or the stage of growth, which is different this time around. Keep records of what works.

And, welcome to my world! Not every plant survives, as a horticulturist knows all too well!

Jul 28, 2021
Thanks for your suggestion
by: OP

Thanks Jacki,

I've had them on ignore for awhile, especially the one I put in soil 6 months ago. I've always claimed to have a black thumb, but the main plant came from my sister and I believe she's helping me from above because it's doing incredibly well. I've had success with cuttings in water from this plant before. This is just so odd. Thank you for your suggestion. It really helps to know that maybe it's not just me 😉

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