Help identifying these four plants?

by Stella
(Seattle, WA, USA)

small first plant

small first plant

The plant in the first picture is on the small side with very green and pointy leaves. it is layered and has a little bit of purple coloring on the points.

The big plant in the second picture has many branches and layers and is also very green with very slight red coloring on it's tips. the tips of all its leaves come to a very sharp point.

The purple colored plant in the third picture is fairly pale with some pink undertones with nice pointed leaves. there are points on it are pretty sharp as well, although it is not very layered.

The spiky green one in the fourth picture I'm pretty sure is an aloe vera plant. it's a bright green and has some reddish coloring on the tips as well.

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Sep 14, 2017
Four beauties!
by: Jacki

So, the top one (green and pointy) is some kind of Echeveria, as is the purple one. Sorry, there are so many it's difficult to pin down.

The second one is Crassula, maybe the one called 'Blue Bird'. The fourth one is an Aloe, but not Aloe vera, more like maybe a form of Aloe juvenna. You can see more about these genera here;




See more about general succulent care here.

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