Help identifying my lovely succulent

by Whitney



I've had a succulent for quite some time and it's a beauty but I've never been able to identify it! I think it's an echevaria but I could be wrong.

It's bright green, rosette shape, and fleshy and pointy leaves. It doesn't have a stem I don't think, rather a root ball. It's never bloomed and it was bought in southern England though not very common as I've never seen another one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Nov 15, 2016
Yes, it's an Echeveria
by: Jacki

It might be hard to get a plant like this to bloom in a climate that isn't hot and dry. It looks to me to be Echeveria agavoides. Sometimes these plants get red edges, but that is dependent on being grown in a bright situation.

You can see more about Echeveria here.


How to Grow Echeveria

Nov 15, 2016
by: Whitney

Thanks Jacki, that looks very close so I'll take it! Thanks so much for the quick reply!


Jul 26, 2017
Echeveria agavoides
by: Julia in Los Angeles

I have a plant like this. It's an Echeveria agavoides. Not all develop red edges; depends upon variety. Slow grower. Mine started to flourish once I moved it to a sheltered location outside. New growth is very close to mother rosette, looking like a more complex single rosette, which is beautiful. Some echeverias can get leggy. My E. agavoides has not; it stays low. Keep out of intense sun as this will cause leaves to burn. I love it.

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