Help identify succulent and problem?

I am house-sitting and this poor succulent either has shriveling leaves (perhaps from underwatering? their containers were quite dry when I took over) or they are being eaten by something I can't see.

Can you identify the plant and possibly the problem? Thanks! -s

p.s. Sorry if the image is poor. I don't have a proper camera, just this old cell phone.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Oh, boy, not what you want when you're looking after someone's plants!

This looks like some type of Sedum, and it's definitely in trouble!

It's got something eating it, and it could be a slug or snail possibly, judging from the damage. If it is, you'll see the telltale slime trail that they leave behind wherever they go.

Check under and around the pot, or rocks and debris around the area, or even under the leaves.

They'll hide wherever it's dark and damp.

That's possibly why the owners were keeping things on the dry side, as that will deter them from traveling.

If all else fails, get the plant up off the ground (I can't tell if it's in a pot or planted right in the ground).

Not to worry too much; Sedum and most other succulents are really tough and resilient, and if they're pruned back to below the damaged parts, they'll send out lots of new healthy (and with luck, undamaged) growth.

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Good luck!

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Jan 27, 2012
Hail Damage?
by: Angelina

I've had some succulents (and other plants) that took a real beating in a hail storm. They looked awful for a week or two, then I got out there and cut them all off. They didn't mind, and just put out new growth. That was two years ago, and they are fine, so it doesn't do any lasting damage.

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